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 Recently joined Cappertek on September 22nd!!  "R Actions as well as R Picks will do Far More than Our Words" !!    "What defines us is How Well We Rise After Falling " - NFL:  We Split out in NFL yesterday which makes us 8 + 2 in NFL Playoffs....We are 9 + 1 last 10 Super Bowls !!  Do NOT MISS out on Today's Super Bowl !!  From My Top Sources and Numerous of these Wise Guys have this selection - We are Rating it a 15 Unit Scouts Honor Selection - We told You Clemson OUTRIGHT  in the NCAAF Championship Game, well these Good Fellas have been Winning Most of their Lives in Super Bowls !!   Congratulations to All You People that Played my 15 Unit Scouts Honor WINNER with New England Patriots - B R A D Y - He is the Greatest of em All !!   9 + 2 in NFL Playoffs with Super Bowl Winner !!
Will be taking a Leave of Absence until September/October 2017...If you want updates contact LB at 484 388 0321 by text !!

17. Scouts Picks on Leader Board at Cappertek out of Profitable Handicappers
17th Place out of over 1000 Cappers !!
+5.89% ROI
Total Picks: 98
Average Odds: -110
Updated January 29th 2017

I believe we write our own scripts... and each time we think we know the end, we don’t. Perhaps luck exists somewhere between the world of planning, the world of chance, and the peace that comes from knowing that you just can’t know it all. You know, life’s funny that way... Once you let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong!

When You Speak from You Heart & Say the Words Your Soul has only Dared Whisper that's When Miracles Happen - The Language of the Heart !!

Season Records:  NCAAF: 134 + 74 + 1 +384.30   NFL 79+63 +59.37  Total Football Units +443.67 Units

If You want to know someone's mind, just Listen to their Words. If you want to know their Heart, Watch their Actions !!  Exactly what we do at Scouts Picks as Our Actions are Our Heartbeat !!

Words are Empty Commitments Unless they are Founded in TRUTH and Followed by Positive Actions !! We Do Things Here The Jerzee Way ....

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